The Textfile collector merely requires us to put .prom files in Prometheus text format into /var/lib/prometheus/node-exporter. A little care is needed to make sure that this is an atomic operation, since the Node exporter is always watching this directory.

name: temp
    text: '{"value1":6, "value2":8}'
    xnode: /var/lib/prometheus/node-exporter
- add:
      template-result-field: metric
      template: |
        my_value1 ${value1}
        my_value2 ${value2}
        my_value3{boo="frodo"} ${value1}
        my_value3{boo="bilbo"} ${value2}
        no-expand: true
        input-field: metric
        command: |
            cat > /tmp/prom.$$;
            mv /tmp/prom.$$ {{xnode}}/my.prom

add template allows us to create arbitrary documents and pack them into a field, which becomes the input of output exec.

Note that metrics may have custom labels, which assist in querying. A query for a metric with labels will return values for all values of the label.

Some labels are always attached by the exporter, in particular instance.

$ pipeline-cli temp.yml run
 INFO  pipeline_api > building target for "temp"
$ curl -g 'http://localhost:9090/federate?match[]=my_value1'
# TYPE my_value1 untyped
my_value1{instance="localhost:9100",job="node",monitor="example"} 6 1548768197364
$ curl -g 'http://localhost:9090/federate?match[]=my_value3'
# TYPE my_value3 untyped
my_value3{boo="bilbo",instance="localhost:9100",job="node",monitor="example"} 8 1548768212364
my_value3{boo="frodo",instance="localhost:9100",job="node",monitor="example"} 6 1548768212364