These start a Pipe by feeding it records on a line-by-line basis.

Unless otherwise specified, the specified arguments to sources can contain {{var}} expansions, where var can be a variable or simple chain of variables separated by '.' from the Context.

By default, you can assume that the output will be in JSON format. For an input that already generates JSON, say raw: true, or json: true. The latter is deprecated because what we mean is that the input passes through without being quoted like so {"_raw":"line"}.

Inputs either block until data arrives, or poll for new data with an interval. This can be specified as a string like 500ms, 2s, 5m or 24h.

redis (input)Read from Redis in-memory key-value store
amqp (input)Read from AMQP queues
tcp (input)Listen for incoming TCP connections (or write to existing server)
udp (input)Listen for incoming UDP connections
http-poll (input)Run HTTP queries (GET and POST)
http-server (input)Run HTTP server
exec (input)Execute arbitrary commands