There a few terms to be familiar with when dealing with Hotrod:


A distributed data processing and routing system, it is composed of 3 (software) components:

  • hotrodd (Hotrod Daemon)

    The server component and central piece of a Hotrod deployment.

    • Keeps track of Pipes
    • Keeps track of Targets
    • Provides user management and authentication
  • hotrod-agent (Hotrod Agent)

    The service that deploys Pipes to Targets.

    • Queries hotrodd for new, removed, and changed pipes, and uses that information to deploy, remove, or update services on a given Target.
    • Each target has its own hotrod-agent.
  • hotrod (Hotrod Command Line Interface)

    A tool to administer Hotrods.


A data processing service that is managed by Hotrod and deployed by a Hotrod Agent. The instructions for how this data is to processed is called a Pipe definition, which written using the pipes language contained in a YAML formatted file.


A substrate on which Pipes can be attached (deployed). A target needs to run hotrod-agent in order to deploy Pipes.